Recreational Retreat
How do you encourage quality time and connectivity in an active, busy family? Our answer was unique to this client’s lifestyle: a cutting-edge home gym and a movie theatre room.





2,900 sq. ft.


The whole family has a passion for sports and healthy living, but lacked the functional space to pursue this interest together.

6 After Stairway copy

Their basement had plenty of room to house a recreational area, although the initial design offered little in usability or comfort.

Repurposing a storage space and spare room, we created a stunning gym and movie retreat.

2  Training Room copy

A curved glass wall now envelopes the workout area,

creating a sense of space while providing a protective sound barrier.

4 Theater Room copy

With two tiers of cozy seating, the spacious home theatre is the perfect place to snuggle up and watch their favourite movies.

This athletic and entertainment space has given the family plenty of reasons to bond together.

From Design to Build

At Aquarian, we truly provide the whole package. Our fully integrated design, project management and construction services bring cohesive action and expertise to every step in the process.

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