The pulse of this family beats in harmony and celebrations of food preparation, sharing, laughter, togetherness and a sense of true belonging… this is the kitchen of modern times. The newly renovated space invites the joy of company and holds the treasures of a quiet moment. Whether the moments be in the early morning hours with a quiet coffee and cozy slippers or in the mood for a late-night snacks of pickles, a tempting plate of Stilton cheese with a chunk of crusty bread some dried cherries and a glass of fine port.

Westridge KitchenThe main floor of Heather and Angus’ home went through the most radical transformation of any part in the entire house. The home, build in the 80’s, was a time warp of a dated and traditional 80’s look, including loads of golden oak, a low sunshine ceiling and a boxy closed in feeling. Dark colours and heavy drapery framed in the space and this home was calling for a fresh new look that would bring spaciousness and natural light into the house and yet still honour the traditional, which is part of who this family is. These homeowners were ready for the change and a new modern appeal felt refreshing, timely and expansive. Combining some of the traditional with a modern flair and more room for entertaining and storage was high on Heather’s list of “must haves”. The house had classic bones and with a thoughtful look at design, structural possibilities and exquisite selection of product and let’s not forget, just the right contractor for the job, a whole new environment was brought to life… read on!

The main floor was opened with the support of new beam work that extended over the span of both rooms. The former kitchen and shadowy old dining room were redesigned to create spaciousness, beauty and functionality of a massive new kitchen space. The results of the new design and renovation created a massive two-island kitchen, one for preparation and cooking and the other for sitting and conversations. There is no need for a traditional table in this part of the house as guests can either sit at the counter at informal settings and enjoy appies and a glass of wine or, on those warm summer evenings, take their refreshments and nibblies and walk through the newly enlarged kitchen doors to the deck, patio and the outdoor kitchen. The new design brings a beautiful view of the manicured back yard and putting green, all seen from the spaciously renovated kitchen.

Westridge Dining RoomEntertaining in this household is a big deal! The kitchen design was greatly influenced by the value and great joy placed on entertaining guests. Heather had a vision for a particular kitchen that would house all her valuable dishes, pots and pans, cutlery and heirloom treasures from the past. Even with two islands and three walls of cupboards and counter space, Heather still found herself looking for more space for that last set of china and those extra serving dishes. The induction cook top is a chef’s dream stove and the wine fridge a must. The steam oven, the two dishwashers, a second cooktop and the other specialized appliances such as the built-in coffee machine and the four wall ovens, also influenced the kitchen design. Lina from Kitchen Craft worked diligently with Heather to design and craft the kitchen of her dreams. The homeowner had a cabinet heavy in detail in mind but our design coordinator Marsha, suggested that she may tire of such a busy design and found a classic look that bridged the traditional and the modern and the results are spectacular. The custom colour of the cabinets are complemented by the warmer tones of rust and cream in the granite are a perfect setting for graciousness and hospitality that occurs when meals are being prepared. The tasteful furniture selections and drapery coordinated through Lori Elms Interiors, complement the exquisite taste of the homeowner and the renovation design. The formal dining room has a tray ceiling to keep with the traditional look of the kitchen cabinets but the modern funky light with chrome circles add some fun and lightness. The darker “penny” colour on the walls brings an intimate dining experience balanced with the hardwood floors, the clean baseboard lines, the exquisite art and the spectacular selection of furniture all combine to ensure that guests of this household are in for a royal treat when invited over for dinner. The sideboard in the dining room is a heritage piece and the new chairs with the curved upholstery are so comfortable one could sit in them long after dinner. If dining was on the menu for the evening, the formal dining room, which was recreated from pre-renovation living room space is elegant and tastefully designed and decorated becoming the perfect location for both formal dinners and family gatherings.

The renovation of the front foyer made a spectacular difference to the main floor. The once closed-in stairwell was opened to allow the light and space into a formerly dark and closed in area. The massive new door with transoms and side panels now create a bright and welcoming statement to the elegant spiral staircase, which kept a traditional look in the railing all the way up to the spectacular Swarovski Crystal light fixture that hangs so graciously from the two-story opening. The feeling of welcome and awe is as though you have entered an enchanted castle.
Spectacular artwork graces the walls in all rooms in this stately home and is a valued extension of the importance that this family places on arts and culture. Some pieces, brought in through their Art Gallery in Canmore hold deep meaning and connection to the Canadian experience and landscape. The draperies on the main floor are light neutral colours and add an elegant classy tradition with a modern bright feel. The light fixtures add to the fun and the textures coming together to add a welcoming, natural feel to their home.

Westridge KitchenBehind these amazing walls is a complete “end to end” state of the art home automation system installed by Shore 2 Shore. The full automation company worked with the homeowners in the renovation stage and installed sound, video and remote control. What a remarkable feature their new “Sophie” provides Angus and Heather as they now have their own customized automation solution that controls lighting, audio/video, home security alarm, their home theatre, thermostat and cameras. The Watts can be enjoying their newly renovated home by using a handheld remote, iPhone, iPad or any android device from anywhere they may be. Technology and tradition meet in glorious ways and provide control and peace of mind.

Not to be overlooked in this main floor renovation is a manly den that integrates a new look with an existing gold wall covering and complementing warm richness of the hardwood flooring. All elements work seamlessly into the carefully selected colour scheme that flows throughout the house. The newly transformed family room has two full sized sofas, two chairs and two ottomans all perfectly lined up with the TV over the fireplace for watching sports, the news or the financials over that morning coffee.

Nothing is left to chance in the spectacular renewal of this stately executive home! Whether being entertained grandly in formal or family style or just casual, you will no doubt feel a special, inviting sense that abounds throughout the house, demonstrating hospitality, goodwill and a strong sense of haute culture in your surroundings.