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Golf courses have a signature hole, vacations have signature destinations and good renovations have signature pieces which define and identify the homeowner’s flair for style and personality. Adding a signature piece to your renovation adds to the wow factor and brings that personal nod of approval defining your renovation as uniquely you. Aquarian has completed many amazing renovations in the past 25 years adding character and style to client homes and by helping homeowners to find “that one thing” that becomes their defining statement. Clients often have a passion for a particular look or finding the perfect spot for an heirloom piece of glass and sometimes it is as simple as a light fixture that becomes that “one thing” signature piece. Through excellent collaboration between the design team and the homeowners along with an impeccable selection of material, superb suppliers, trades and a construction team second to none, the style and the vision come to life.

The possibility of a renovation with that special signature piece that tickles your fancy and delights you every time you come home is totally doable. Creating magical spaces is inherent within the capacity every homeowner has. Whether budget is a concern or not, selecting one or two special features is really important and almost always, it is doable. A helpful strategy is to imagine the feeling of this special item or space as already being there. Then let your imagination, along with the help of a skilled designer pull these pieces together. Homeowners are often surprised at how well this process works and just how much joy results from finding that one special signature piece that personalizes the renovation that little bit more. Homeowner showcase these signature pieces with pride and say, “That’s really me!”

Let’s take a peak into this major house renovation which included raising the roof to create nine foot walls and vaulted ceilings. The kitchen is remarkably spacious and an extremely functional working space designed for loads of entertaining and gourmet cooking. The state-of-the-art wine room is complete with tempered air and a stunning and substantial wine rack filled with a serious wine collection. These are just some of the features that were essentials in this renovation. The signature focus here however, is on the replacement of a tired masonry brick fireplace with a three-sided gas fireplace, complete with a stunning hand crafted copper hood. This piece was the little extra that Dirk found irresistible in his overall plan. This custom-hammered copper show stopper was crafted by Hoods by Hammersmith and it adds that extra focal point, drawing conversation directly to it when you walk into the large open living space in this house. The stone by stone back wall adds a contrasting texture and a natural back drop to the warm hearth and cheery centre piece. Dirk is absolutely thrilled with his selection, “This fireplace with the copper hood is a little place where I added just a little extra to the budget. I wanted the blend of the traditional kitchen and the culinary look this piece adds is one of warmth and an inviting feeling to my home. I am really pleased with my selection and when it is cold and dark outside the light from the fireplace dances around the whole great room and this place is even more spectacular.”

Laundry rooms are another excellent signature piece that may be underrated by some of the flashier places created in the home renovation – but just ask those who are the keepers of clean and organized! They will be the first to tell you how much they revel in the function, design and practicality of a well planned and well-constructed laundry/mud room. Happy homeowners will tell you, “If you have a furry pet… the dog shower station is a must. After Rover comes back with me from our morning run I just shower his paws and dry him off before he runs through the house. This is also an excellent place to completely shower and shampoo our pets … and when our kids come home dirty… it works on them too!” laughs Kim. Take a look at the results of some good planning and investing. A clean family, happy pet owners and a place where the mud stops here – define this signature piece as magic for these two homeowners.

Fireplace After

Bringing an heirloom washbasin and finding a special place to make it new again is a powerful signature piece in this outstanding renovation. Memorabilia adds a feeling of nostalgia while surrounded by the homeowner’s classic taste brings a uniqueness to this signature piece. A small heirloom washbasin was mounted on an antique dresser and the uniqueness of this power room on the main floor is one of a kind. Bringing a little of the old and making it new again gives a feeling of harmony and salutes the past. Next to this powder room is a coffered ceiling and wainscoted formal dining room that continues the classy feel and elegance to match the spiral staircase and grand entrance meeting you at the front door. Selecting just the right wall paper to accent the era highlights the importance of this washbasin. A careful selection was made in the antique dresser, now converted perfectly into the wash stand. The two pieces joined together creating a new signature that has roots in the past. This magnificent home is filled with treasures from one well-planned end to another. The attention to detail was painstakingly made by the homeowner and the design coordinator and the results are enjoyed every day.
As you plan your renovation, big or small, consider your signature piece. Will it be the extra investment in a backsplash of Italian tiles inlayed with mosaic, or a curved rock wall that greats you and your family every time they come through the front door, or perhaps is it the hand scraped reclaimed timber floor that is stunning in grandeur as it is in history. As the homeowner, you get to dream big and at Aquarian we will help you make your dreams come true.


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