One of the most effective ways to improve the quality of our lives is to improve the conditions in which we live. Holidays are wonderful and truly bring us back with a bigger view on life or maybe a more relaxed demeanor. After a few days or weeks however we may find that the everyday grind of life and irritants of our living environment, like that leaky tap and the squeaky floor, not to mention the dated paint colour and the worn carpet, really can take us down. The freshness of a newly renovated home is one of the best investments a homeowner can make in improving one’s quality of life. You may need more living space or improved energy efficiency in your furnace, water heaters or electrical systems. Maybe it is that awkward and outdated kitchen floor plan that has been driving you mad for the last 10 years. Perhaps your closet is crowded and you can’t imagine one more shower in that little dingy 1960 shower box… and then there is your roof that leaks when the ice backs up and there is a funny smell in the basement – which you haven’t really nailed down to one particular room but there is something off. Finally you are ready to bite the bullet and truly invest in a lifestyle renovation… one that you can and will enjoy every single day without exception. YOU are not alone! Ask any one of the reputable RenoMark renovators about what they find when they visit client’s homes to discuss possible renovations. There are as many stories as people who live in these houses… the one thing that they all do have in common, is that they are ready for a change. They are ready to improve the quality of their lives are taking action by honestly looking at the environment in which they live. With this honest self-appraisal comes a determination to invest time, money and energy to improvement! Well done homeowners! There are a number of excellent renovation companies here in Edmonton who are ready to help you!
So let’s talk about what you, the homeowner need to consider when you’ve finally made the decision to renovate your home. First off, you might as well put the budget on the table. What resources do you have to renovate with? As much as price should never be the deciding factor when selecting a renovator, you should know your financial situation well enough to know what you can afford in both the short and long term situation. If you don’t have a healthy relationship with your banker or mortgage broker, consider working on it. Financing is available at a very reasonable rate these days and the lenders who know you and your financial plans will be more likely to help you get what you want, or at least what you need. Once you have your financials in order you can start planning in earnest.

Ensuite AfterThis is where hiring a professional really pays off. Renovation companies generally operate on one of two systems. Some companies set up their systems to be a complete design-build and will provide you with service from initial consultation through design and estimate to a fixed budget construction contract and through the construction process into warranty. This truly is a one-stop shop and most clients really like this because they know what they are paying for up front and major decisions are made long before any renovation and reconstruction even starts. Other renovation companies may use a Cost Plus system. In this system the contractor is paid for time and materials and is often used on jobs with a lot of unknowns or hidden conditions such as repair work. It can be used on larger jobs as well if the specs and plans are not so clear. Having this conversation upfront with your prospective contractor is a very important part of a homeowners’ due diligence in the renovation process.
Once you have made up your mind to renovate, secured financing and found the right contractor – let the joy of improving your quality of life begin! Your friends might thing you are crazy thinking that a renovation can actually be a great experience but if you get with the right contractor and have all the details worked out you may just surprise yourself, and all your friends!
For a list of reputable renovation contractors in the greater Edmonton region check out the Canadian Home Builders’- Edmonton Region website and look for the RenoMark link.
RenoMark® is an organization within the Canadian Home Builders’ that you can trust when finding the right renovator for your project. These renovators have a proven track record and are committed to a renovation-specific code of ethics. Providing essentials such as written contracts, warranties and all the insurance necessary, they also understand the value of customer service and continually educate themselves regarding current trends, materials and building code. RenoMark Renovators understand homeownership. They appreciate how hard people have worked for their homes and will help you improve the value of your home and the quality of your day to day living experience.
Credentials that capture a professional renovator include:

⦁ A proven track record in the industry with past project lists, references, testimonials from previous clients and contacts.
⦁ Well established business practices, project management and client communication.
⦁ Clearly defines the responsibilities of the renovator and the homeowner regarding insurance, finance and scope of work.
⦁ Professional memberships and affiliations such as Canadian Home Builders’ – Edmonton Region, RenoMark, Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau
⦁ Experience, training, education, craftsmanship and skills, upgrading and special expertise.
⦁ Minimum 2 year warranty
⦁ Find your professional renovator at

Give a RenoMark renovator a call and say yes to improving your quality of life today!


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