Doug and Marie Soprovich shared a vision to build a company that would demonstrate a business model idealizing trust, relationships and a product that artistically transform lives. Because of Aquarian’s focus, the majority of their business comes from repeat clients and referrals.

“With every client that we serve, we strive to extend our reputations of quality, honesty, and professionalism. This is very important to each and every one of us in this company.”

Marie tells the Aquarian story best,

“We started our company in 1991 and at the time we weren’t specifically focused on construction or renovation, even though Doug came from a family of builders and had hundreds of houses, condo and high-rise projects under his family construction belt. We wanted to create a company that would take leadership and a business model to new heights. One of our most important goals was to develop the highest potential and greatest good for all who would be a part of our organization.”

The beginnings of the Aquarian story start when the company was focused on creating art that had a tangible message of peace and goodwill.

“We had lots of fun dreaming up and creating Earthlights and Peace Candles and all kinds of earth awareness products. We sold them at The Fringe and at trendy stores from here to Los Angeles. In addition to the products we were building a company that also focused on developing the highest potential and greatest good for all who would be a part of it. Our mission was really heady with potential and a bit unusual for the time but we were on the leading edge of something big. At the same time, we were also very involved with a group called “World Service” and we worked to develop and build a wholistic wellness centre. We conducted workshops, planning sessions, brought thinkers and healers together and even purchased property for the building of The Discovery Wellness Centre and Community. We both did a lot of reading about future trends and the human potential movement and we were willing to take action on these ideas and make them real. With me being able to handle the financial obligations with my teaching career we had the capacity to follow this dream. The Discovery Wellness Centre land is now the Secord Neighbourhood as we were just a little too far ahead of the rest of the wellness movement but you can look around Edmonton and see the results of what, in some small way, was our influence. Doug came from a construction background so even with all these pursuits we always had a little construction project on the side. Eventually our company moved completely into the construction and renovation industry and our art is now in transforming peoples living spaces into places of beauty, function and joy. Aquarian is an award winning company and we take great pride in our work, our people and our results.”

From its humble beginnings as a grassroots renovator to the award winning design-build company it is today, Aquarian Renovations continues to evolve and define themselves with significant contributions to not only the homeowners, but the industry and community they live in and serve. When Doug passed away from cancer in 2012 the company was shocked to the core. With courage, determination and a deep sense of purpose, Marie took the lead in her family, the company and life and has carried on building the Aquarian Way.

“Fortune favours the brave… what a motto… We never know just what we are capable of doing until we are thrown into situations where we really need to show up and show up big. There is so much more to Aquarian than just renovating houses… This is about life and making the world a better place. Life is short and developing one’s potential through the relationships of work is liberating. The Aquarian team has a passion for the work we do and we take ownership for being leaders in the industry seriously. We have all grown as individuals and we have also grown as a company. The journey we have been on calls each and every one of us to be better and stronger leaders in the roles we play, in the interactions we have with each other and in the service we deliver to our customers and the communities we serve.”

affirms owner Marie Soprovich.

“This is what we are here for.”


It was a pleasure to work with Aquarian Renovations. Our renovation team from Aquarian was positive, organized, knowledgeable, creative and professional. We love our “new” home! We would recommend Aquarian whole-heartedly!

Special thanks to Marsha & Colin for all their efforts!

- The Schaefer Family

"[Aquarian was] professional, down-to-earth, and more than willing to work with my budget, my ideas and my timeline. They suggested minor tweaks along the way that greatly enhanced the finished work. So pleased with the outcome, I will continue to recommend them over and over again."

Chrissy Coole

"I would recommend Aquarian Renovations to anyone! (In fact I did this morning.) They were very professional but friendly at the same time. Bumps are expected in any kind of renovation but Aquarian handled them perfectly and went above and beyond for us."

M. Kees

"The overall process from concept through design and construction was easy with Aquarian. We felt respected, our needs were heard and addressed."

Denise P.

“Aquarian did a spectacular job recreating my home into an executive loft style bungalow with large open spaces for entertaining. The entire upper floor was made into a master suite sanctuary. Thanks to Aquarian for creating such a wonderful place to call home!”

Brenda Purdie